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1.5" Craw Worm

(736-Green Pumpkin Texas Red)

The 1.5" Craw Worm is available in the following colors:

100-Black, 121-White, 124-Butterscotch,k 129-Black Smoke, 308-Chartreuse Shine, 309-Cotton Candy,
314-Green Pumpkin, 316-June Bug, 321-Carolina Pumpkin, 322-Pumpkin Pepper Green,
329-Smoke Red, 334-Watermelon Seed, 338-Black Neon, 342-Blue Pearl Pepper, 346-Watermelon Red,
701-Black/Blue/Blue Metal Flake, 714-Huckleberry, 718-Natural Pro Blue, 727-Tequilla,
735-Crawdad, 736-Green Pumpkin Texas Red, 752-Watermelon Chartreuse, 755-Red Shad Green Flake.

To view images of colors please visit our color chart pages.