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1.75"& 2.5" Paddle tail grub

(309-Cotton Candy)

The 1.75" and 2.5" Paddle Tail Grub is available in the following colors:

105-Chartreuse, 124-Butterscotch, 306-Blue Silver, 307-Chart Pepper, 308-Chartreuse Shine,
309-Cotton Candy, 314-Green Pumpkin, 318-Motor Oil Gold, 325-Salt & Pepper,
333-Watermelon Candy, 341-Bublegum Silver, 342-Blue Pearl Pepper, 344-Avacado Gold,
345-Glow Silver, 351-Green Gourd, 352-Gold Glitter, 504-Black/Chartreuse Shine,
505-Black/Chartreuse, 555-Butterscotch Chartreuse, 732-Brown Crawdad, 734-Jun Bug/Chart,
908-Pearl/Electric Blue/Glow Silver Tail, 909-Yellow/White/Black Tail, 923-Black-n-Silver.

To view images of colors please visit our color chart pages.